About Our Company

Beerfestcup.com has been on the forefront of the Micro Brew and Beer Festival world since 2004. Beer festivals were just starting to explode and our local festival,  (The Great Tucson Beer Festival) was in need of a 5 oz plastic tasting cup. There was nothing available anywhere. We got together with our Mfg. Company and developed the 5 oz Beer Tasting Mug, the first of it’s kind and widely used.

Beer festivals large and small began to show up in every State and City around the Country and we expanded our product line to accommodate their needs . Beerfestcup.com provides tasting cups from 2 ounces to 1 liter which are available in all shapes and sizes. (Glass or Acrylic) We also provide festival accessories such as lanyards, T-shirts,  towels and any other promotional product that is needed.  Beerfestcup.com provides tasting cups and accessories to over 200 festivals all across the United States and Canada.